The story of Trinity Canyon Vineyards started in 2009, when three (Trinity) enthusiastic and determined wine aficionados decided to step into the mysterious world of wine crafting. Assisted by an equally passionate group of winegrowers and winemakers, they established a unique vineyard in the Vayots Dzor Highlands,in the close vicinity of the world’s oldest known wine producing site dating back some 6100 years. Trinity wines are filled with faith, traditions and legends of Armenian winemakers that will always serve as a beacon for all our undertakings.

Our Vineyards

Nestled in the heart of the Armenian mountains in Vayots Dzor's picturesque village, Aghavnadzor, our vineyards benefit from the unique high elevation terroir with volcanic soil and strictly continental climate. This combination imparts a distinctive character and depth to our wines, reflecting the essence of our land. Being the first certified organic wine producer of Armenia, we take pride in our environmentally-conscious approach, ensuring that our vineyards thrive harmoniously with nature. This dedication results in wines that not only showcase the terroir but also resonate with the passion and care we pour into each bottle.


Mondial du Rose 2014

Our 6100 Trinity Areni Rose from 2014 got a silver medal in "Mondial du Rose" competition held in Cannes!

Mundus Vini 2017

Trinity Eh Areni Noir got a Gold medal at Mundus Vini International Wine Award

Milesime Bio 2020

The first Armenian organic wine, Trinity 6100 Areni Noir, 2018, was awarded a Gold Medal in France at the Challenge Millésime Bio 2020, the largest and most prestigious international organic wine competition.

Winemaking Approach

At Trinity Canyon Vineyards, our winemaking philosophy is rooted in low intervention, organic agriculture, and the use of ancestral methods. We believe in letting nature take the lead, cultivating our vines organically without synthetic chemicals or pesticides. This commitment to organic practices ensures that our vineyards thrive in harmony with the environment, promoting biodiversity and soil health. Our approach to winemaking is minimalist, allowing the true essence of our terroir to shine in every bottle. We carefully monitor each step of the process, intervening only when necessary to guide the natural development of the wine. This hands-off approach preserves the unique characteristics of the grapes, resulting in wines that are a pure expression of our land. Incorporating ancestral methods, we honor time-tested techniques that have been passed down through generations. These traditional practices, combined with our commitment to sustainability, create wines that are not only delicious but also respectful of our heritage and environment.

Grape Varieties

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